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Sessions and possibilities


My taste of sessions varies from soft to hard and beyond. In and every session I take time and make plans carefully. Here is a list of examples. But of course you can success your own scenario and it will dealt with highest discretion. So open up that box of Pandora that you are hiding and I assure that things happen. This of course out lines criminal activity, children, minors, intercourse, fellatio and caviar.



With skill and innovation enhanced with devious mind might take you to embarrassing moments in humiliating positions when I enjoy your bound body in the way I like, while you are whimpering and helpless. 



Oh you're pathetic excuse for cock and balls will get you in so much trouble. Oh that agony, oh that pain. Care to try?


Corporal punishment:

Whipping, flogging, caning, tawses of various size and form , not forgetting the belt. Which of these will get you back on line?



Soft toes or with stockings? Or will it be my heels, drilling into your whimpering flesh?



My toes and feet, leather clad ass and high heels are in constant need of worshipping. Are you able to keep me smiling?



Can there be anything more amusing than bind you down and use your face as a chair. Might be hard to breath under my superior ass.


Piss play: 

Some like it all over, some like it on their face, some licks it from the floor, some wishes it straight to mouth and gulp it down. 


Electric play:

With our superb implements I am at ease to get your confess your secrets. Wanna test your limits or get it softer with Violet Wands electrifying cares?


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